Welcome to the Real Life Nutrition Family!

Our Mission: Helping others discover supernatural pathways to divine health and to better enjoy real life!

God alone is our healer.  Sometimes He does it via a supernatural, instantaneous healing touch.  At other times He heals over the process of time and often through the healing systems that He has created within our body.  This type of healing is greatly aided by diet, exercise and scientifically targeted nutritional supplementation.  Real Life Nutrition is dedicated to producing the highest quality nutrition supplements created for specific purposes that dramatically improves the health of its users.

At Cornerstone, we have always believed that it is God’s desire to heal.  Sometimes the testimony is of His sudden touch and sometimes God heals us through the process of wisdom.  In this case, He shows us steps to take that allow our bodies to operate in health.  Taking supplements is an example of using God’s inspired wisdom to allow our bodies to be in proper healing alignment.  No matter how God heals, I praise Him for the miracle.

My prayer is that this ULTRA DHA supplement blesses your health in ways that will help you to better have abundant life – in your body, in your mind and in your spirit.

Together in Christ,

Don Black

President/CEO, Cornerstone Television Network