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What type of fish products are in Ultra DHA? Entirely fish based — The fish oil is from  sardines, mackerel, and anchovies.

What is the capsule made from? The capsule is made from the tilapia fish.  (Note: There is no bovine gelatin in these capsules.)

What type of supplement pill is it? It is a soft gel.

How is it different from other fish oil supplements? The difference is the type of process that is used in creating the supplement. They use a unique CO2 extraction process, which makes it the purest.

Are there any harmful chemicals in this supplement? There are no chemical solvents, mercury, lead, or contaminants.

Is there a fishy taste or smell? No; there is not a fishy taste or smell.

Does the supplement have any Ester Alcohol in it? The Ultra DHA is not an ethyl ester form.  It is processed using Supercritical CO2.  This is a superior form of processing that does not use any chemicals, solvents, or heat that may cause changes in the fish oil that are used in the ethyl ester form.

Where is it processed? Germany

Where is it packaged? Douglas Laboratories in Pittsburgh, PA.

What role does CTVN have? We are the distributor.

Who is our partner? Dr. Paulette Sedlak. Dr. Paulette is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor who is the Wellness Advisor for Real Life Nutrition.  Her mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while encouraging people to take care of their bodies.

How many capsules in each bottle? There are 60.

How often do we need to take the supplements? The recommended dosage is 2 a day.

Do I need to take that many, even if I am not in pain or weigh under 100 pounds? It is fine to take the 2 capsules at that weight.  DHA supports brain health and memory.  It is vital that our brains receive enough of it to support optimal brain health, especially as we age.

Can I take this while on medications?  It is recommended that you check with your doctor before taking supplements.

Will taking this supplement thin my blood? Taking this will thin your blood.  So please check with your doctor.

Have any negative side effects been reported? No; there have not been any negative side effects reported that have been communicated to CTVN.