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The Purest and Most Potent Omega 3 on the Planet!

  • Nature’s most powerful solution for wellness
  • Groundbreakingly pure Ultra DHA supplement contains a triglyceride form of supercritical CO2 extracted fish oil, with no impurities or chemical solvents.
  • Entirely fish based, but with no fishy aftertaste or smell!

Kill Me, Heal Me, or Show Me The Way!

Dr. Paulette Sedlak is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor who is the Wellness Advisor for Real Life Nutrition.  Her mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while encouraging people to take care of their bodies.

What Everyone


“I would wake up every day with my neck so stiff and my shoulders almost locked in place. Prior to taking Ultra DHA, I would toss and turn, waking up probably around three times a night. I would not be able to relax and in the morning, would wake up in so much pain. After I started taking Ultra DHA, I looked forward to going to sleep at night! I don’t have to take ibuprofen throughout the day because I’m much more relaxed!”

Is Saying


“Omega 3 is so natural. I can promise that you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. I was even able to crawl on the floor and keep up with my little grandkids without feeling the pain in my knees! I can truly feel the difference. Ultra DHA is a product that works.”

About Omega 3s


“I was taking other supplements and still waking up every morning in pain and wearing a knee brace. I was just constantly in pain. I really don’t like taking chemicals, but prefer natural solutions. That’s why I tried Ultra DHA. With Omega 3, I can personally say in just one week, I noticed a difference. The type of work that I do as a makeup artist, I’m always standing and pivoting. I don’t even think of the pain anymore! It’s going to improve everything for me. “


What Is Omega3?

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2 bottles of Real Life Nutrition Ultra DHA Fish Oil (60 soft gels each)
DHA is the most abundant fatty acid in the brain. This dietary supplement plays a major role for ongoing optimal health.

Ultra DHA Nutrition Guide
Gives an overview of the supplement’s nutrition components

Dr. Paulette Sedlak’s life-changing book, “Kill Me, Heal Me, or Show Me the Way.” Dr. Paulette shares her testimony about how God showed her the way to heal her body through nutritional supplements. After a dramatic decline in her health, she became desperate and asked God to “kill me, heal me, or show me the way.” Soon afterward, she would learn the root cause of her disease — inflammation — AND how to heal herself through Omega 3s. In her easy-to-read and understand book, Dr. Paulette shares her secrets with you. This is a must read!